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Ash – one of Europe’s great trees. It is possible to easily see the growth rings of ash-trees, the wood is firm and very durable, it bends easily, it is also smooth and has a shade of gold. Ash trees are able to withstand various shocks, which is why they are used in the making of furniture, as well as beautiful interior elements with a guarantee that they will serve for many years.

  • Design patent registered in European Union countries
  • An innovative solution
  • Convenient and simple assembly, maintenance and cleaning
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Hand-made


Premium: the wooden tiles are made out of the highest quality wood without branches and with minimum variations in tones and texture. Oiled or lacquered – suitable for interior works.

Select: these wooden tiles are made out of wood with some branches (up to 50 mm) and different variations in tones and textures. Oiled or lacquered – suitable for interior works.


Available tile sizes (mm):

  • 100x100 mm
  • 100x200 mm
  • 100x300 mm

Tile thickness: 150 mm