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Premiumwood Holiday house

Architecture – rectangular shapes with one room and a bathroom.

Water inlet and outlet. Electrical connection point. Electricity and plumbing are provided throughout the house. We offer to make fully equipped or without equipment.

Construction plot – 32.42 m2

Usable area – 15.38 m2

Insulation – walls 100 mm, ceiling and floor 150 mm

Exterior finish – Horizontally dark brown(RR32) paited wooden boards. You can choose your color shade, and the boards fasten horizontally or vertically

Interior decoration – white, waxed wooden boards. You can choose your color shade, and the boards fasten horizontally or vertically

Roof – brown bitumen shingles

Windows – PVC

Terrace – 13,7 m2 .



    Premiumwood holiday house


    The holiday house is complete and ready for living.

    The house has one room and a bathroom.

    House architecture – simple cuboid with flat roof with very low slope (4%).

    The house has wood framework construction which is intended for use in a previously prepared construction plot on metal screw piles.

    It is necessary to prepare the construction plot beforehand with access to sewerage system, water supply and electric grid.

    Main technical data

    Construction plot – 32.42 m2

    Usable area – 15.38 m2

    Volume – 37.7 m3

    Number of floors – 1

    Building fire resistance class – U3

    Building classification according to CC classification 1110

    Building group according to General Construction Regulation: group 1

    Main construction data

    Foundation – metal screw piles, buried in ground 1.6 m. Distance ~ 1.5 m. Foundation under the building - compacted crushed stone.

    Load-bearing construction – welded metal frame U 100 x 50 b = 4m – at building faces. Additional mounting beam at the middle of each face. At corners – welded metal triangle mounts. Metal frame size: 3 x 6 x 2.8 m.

    The metal frame construction includes a wood framework construction: the floor has wood floor beams 150 x 150 mm, s = 550 mm; the ceiling – wood frame beams 150 x 150 mm, s = 550 mm, the walls – wood framework construction 100 x 50 mm, s = 550 mm.

    Insulation – mineral wool – in walls b = 100 mm; in floor and ceilings b = 150 mm.

    Outside finish – horizontal (or vertical) wood boards painted in dark brown RR32 or dark grey RR23 colour.

    Inside finish – waxed wood boards in white colour.

    Roofing – bitumen shingles in brown colour.

    Windows – PVC, colour – outside grey, inside white.

    Around the house from two sides – wooden board terrace. At the entrance side terrace width is 1.5 m, at the end of the house the width is 1 m.

    Additional explanations regarding the materials used in the house

    The wood framework has waterproofing (hydroisolation) material (film) 200 mk, the building is encased in 1.8 cm thick and 14.5 cm wide decorative boards from pine (half-lap joinery) which is painted twice and nailed with 5 cm long stainless steel nails, thus eliminating oxidation and preserving the outer appearance of the building. Inside – 1.4 cm thick and 12 cm wide decorative boards from spruce (tongue and groove joinery), twice waxed in white colour.

    The stability of the building and durability during shipping is ensured by U-type steel frame b = 4 mm. Metal frame – treated with two-component paint which will prevent the frame from rusting and damage. Metal frame covered in compensation tape.

    The frame has impregnated wood framework beams.

    Floor – from wood materials: insulation with 150 mm mineral wool, above it waterproofing material, 22 mm laminated plywood, above it heat and sound insulation 3 mm, above it laminate flooring with 20 year warranty.

    Roof construction – wood rafters 150 x 50 mm, insulated with 150 mm mineral wool, above it additional wood frame for air layer, OSB plate, above it – roofing with bitumen shingles with underlay. The outer perimeter of the roof is covered in brown tin hood mould to drain as much water from the roof as possible and to protect the building façade.

    Windows and doors – four big REHAU glass windows are included in the house together with glass doors. Plastic windows with embedded metal frame have three-chamber double glass, which ensures the heat resistance and sound insulation from noise outside the house.

    The house has fully installed electricity wiring, electrical cables – in plastic cases, the building has attached three-phase electric input located outside it and ensuring easy connection to the electricity grid. The building has electrical sockets and light switches as well as the following electrical devices: 2 electric heaters, 50 l water heating boiler, in kitchen – induction stovetop and a small fridge.

    The bathroom has a built-in shower cabin, sink, WC; in kitchen – metal sink.

    The building warranty is 15 years if it is installed by the manufacturer.

    Engineering solutions

    Electricity supply – fully built interior electric grid. Outside the building – connection contact to connect the building to the electricity grid.

    Water supply – prepared water connection to outside systems.

    Sewerage – prepared sewerage connection to outside systems.

    Heating – two electric heaters.

    Air supply and air conditioning – natural air supply through windows and doors, in the bathroom – forced ventilation.

    1. Heating possibilities – two electric heaters intended for periodical use.
    2. Electric devices should be used only according to their technical regulations.
    3. All wood constructions are treated with fire resistance and anti-rot agents.
    4. Fire resistance class for the house: U3.

    The living room has a smoke detector installed.