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  • Decorative 3D oak wall decoration panel. Matt oiled or glossy lacquered.

    The 3D panel is made of machined oak slats, glued at various levels and achieving a dynamic surface curvature. Decorative panels are a popular option all over the world, used in decorating not only walls, but also furniture or individual elements, creating original and modern interiors.

    Packaging: 10 pcs. = 1.05 m2

    Attaching decorative panels

  • Oak - the king of all trees. Oak wood is very hard and tough, with pronounced grain texture and a medium-saturated range of shades - from light beige to greyish-brown.

    Oak is well-suited for bending and machining and therefore has been used for centuries in solid wood furniture and carvings, as well as exclusive interior elements. Thanks to its superior and unique properties, oak wood will remain flawless for centuries and serve generation after generation.